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To writing essays avoid this, the liquid medicinal substance must be emulsified, after which the floorThe learned emulsion is compacted with powdery substances. Various substances can be used as emulsifiers.

Let's look at several options using the example of a recipe with birch tar: 20.9. Rp .: Picis liquidae Betulae 3.0 Massae pilularum q. s., ut fiant pilulae N. 30 DS. 1 eassy 3 times a day.

Emulsification with dry extract of licorice root (licorice) and glycerin. In this case, an equal amount of extract is taken with tar, glycerin - as many drops as there are grams of a mixture of extract and liquid, and water - double the amount in relation to glycerin. Thus, 3 g of the extract, ground into a fine powder, is mixed with 12 drops of water and 6 drops of glycerin until a viscous liquid is obtained, after which tar is added in small portions, emulsified until characteristic crackling. This is a prerequisite, otherwise the tar will later stand out from the rolled out writing services.

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Licorice powder is then added to form a plastic eassy dough. Licorice preparations contain salts of glycyrrhizic acid, which have an emulsifying effect. 2. Emulsification with flour. The flour is taken in half the amount of the emulsified liquid and mixed with an equal amount of a mixture of glycerin and water (1: 1). Liquid is added to the resulting sticky mass in portions and emulsified. Then the emulsion is compacted with flour, crushing until a plastic eassy mass is obtained, if necessary, a little starch is added.

Emulsification with apricot gum. The gum is taken in an amount of 10% of the mass of the emulsified liquid, ground with this liquid, then an equal amount of water is added to the liquid and emulsified. The resulting emulsion is compacted with a starch-sugar mixture, crushing until a plastic mixture is obtained. Starch-sugar mixture (Amylum saccharatum) consists of eassy writing part starch, 3 parts glucose and 3 parts milk sugar.

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Silver nitrate and potassium permanganate decompose if the auxiliary substances are organic substances. Silver nitrate is reduced to metallic silver (white writing services turn black), and potassium permanganate is reduced to manganese dioxide (eassy writing become brown instead of purple). In such cases, fillers that do not react with oxidants are taken as auxiliary substances: white clay, aluminum hydroxide, bentonite and aerosil.

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